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Aaron Old- Owner

Aaron took his first guitar lesson from Lanham Music at age 16 and quickly realized his love for music. At seventeen he began drumming, and a year later enrolled at Missouri Western where he studied guitar, recording, music theory, and drums. He played drums for the local band Sculpture and recorded several local bands in his Pro Tools based home studio. Aaron taught guitar at Lanham for sixteen years and worked as a sales person for the past 13 years before taking ownership of the store in April of 2014.

Andy Thompson

With the love of music from childhood, Andy started DJing at 17 years old. First for friends and family, and eventually moving to private parties and weddings. In the winter of '93, he was asked to help move pianos with a friend for Lanham Music, not knowing this would be the beginning of a journey. Who knew that his many different life experiences would lead him to fixing guitars, pianos, and electronics. He began working at Lanham in February 1993 in the repair shop and helping install audio systems. As time changed, so did Lanhams, and Andy began installing intercoms, lighting, and video; analog to digital to networking. As Lanham adapted to the needs of customers, Andy also adapted to meet those demands. Having worked here since 1993, he now handles all of the major installations in St. Joseph and the surrounding areas.

Stephanie Gummelt

Stephanie Gummelt is a singer/songwriter who began teaching herself guitar at the age of 12. Since then, she has written over fifty folk-rock styled songs. Stephanie has performed in various local events such as St Joe’s Got Talent, Joestock, St Joe Live Presents, and other local venues over the past few years. In the fall of 2014, Stephanie performed on American Idol and was chosen to go on to Hollywood where she made it to the final 200 contestants. She currently plays guitar in the Make 12 Church praise band.

Tom Keller

Tom is a local musician, performing both in the St. Joseph and Kansas City area over the last 10 years. Tom completed a Bachelors Degree of Music Technology, with a Concentration in Jazz, from Missouri Western State University in May of 2014. He plays in various groups all over the state, and does acoustic projects on his own as well. In his spare time Tom loves recording, leading worship at his church, playing video games, and spending time with his family.

Andy “Ray” Rivera
Andy received his first guitar from his parents at the age of 15. From that moment on music became a life long endeavor.  His passion for music has lead to various opportunities in which he has collaborated and played alongside musicians from different genres. Provided his ability to play guitar and bass, Andy has pressed forward to learn multiple instruments such as drums, ukulele, and piano. Taking courses at Missouri Western State University for Music Technology has grown his knowledge of sound equipment across the board. In turn, this has helped him with running production for his church, The Edge Christian Fellowship. Andy is married to Elaina Rivera, and will be expecting their first child December of 2016. Enthused about being a new representative of Lanham Music, Andy is overjoyed with being able to serve customers and musicians from all over the Northwest Missouri Region.

Nichole Muehlbach
Nichole joined Lanham Music in April of 2014 to manage the books, inventory, and to head up the sheet music department.  She is in charge of all web design and email marketing.  Nichole is currently studying the piano under the tutelage of Jeff Lux.  Her skillset seems limitless as she helps look after the store, and even bakes amazing desserts to share with her coworkers.